Thursday, April 9, 2009

Proud to be a Mom!

Hubby and I were watching the celebrity apprentice and they were supposed to make a viral video for All Small and Mighty. As the contestant are asking the executives from All who they were wanting to market. One of the contestants asked if Moms was who they were trying to reach, the female All executive said, "NO, not Moms, just women with children." She was very adamant that Moms were not her focus, only women with children.

WHAT THE *&@# !!!!

I don't usually get offended by much I see on TV, this pushed me over my limit. How is a woman with children not a Mom? I think she was trying to focus on someone who had a profession of some kind as well as had children. How has the value of motherhood dropped so greatly? Isn't it the most amazing thing in the world? Yes, it is often the most difficult too. Doesn't every child need to know that their Mom thinks of them as their Mom, not a woman who happened to have a child. Every child deserves to have a Mom that cherishes every moment with their child and treasures the wonderful gift of motherhood.

I do understand that there are Moms that work, but I do not believe that devalues their motherhood. They are just as much a Mom.

I can't imagine there being a time in my life that I don't feel that I'm a Mom, that I was a woman, that just happened to have children.

I was very tempted to go upstairs and take my brand new bottle of All Small and Mighty I happened to buy before the show and return it to the store. I still might.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I came across this a few years ago when I was first starting to officially call the learning in my house home schooling. I didn't find who wrote it back then, so I am just claiming it as unknown. Whenever the girls and I read this, it seems to jump start their desire to put a little more effort in their work. I know I have mentioned sharing this with some of you. Enjoy!

It Is My Responsibility to Learn

My parents are responsible for teaching me how to learn.
It is my responsibility to learn.
My parents can provide me with opportunities to learn.
It is my responsibility to learn.
My parent’s instruction will guide me towards learning.
It is my responsibility to learn.
Knowledge is power and learning is freedom.
It is my responsibility to learn.
Stupid is as stupid does.
It is my responsibility to learn.
An excellent education is at my grasp.
It is my responsibility to learn.
I will embrace and take hold of my future for...
It is my responsibility to learn