Thursday, June 10, 2010


Gabriel has been "making movies" while he has been playing for the last year, if not longer. He used to get very frustrated, because he would be playing with his action figures and I'd call him downstairs and he said he couldn't, he was in the middle of his movie. Or if you walked in the room while he was making his movie you would be disturbing his movie. Then I told him he could pause his movies---that made a big difference on everything.

The last couple of days he has been telling me about one of his movies. He wants to make a movie with people and toys. He told me that he needs a camera man and some actors and they need some lines. He said their lines need to be in their brain. He has told me about the costumes. He needs a movie factory so that he can make his DVD for everyone to buy, in all the stores. There will be a game on the movie too. He recently told me I would need to paint the house for the movie too. He's actually told me about some of the characters and scenes he has planned. It's pretty amazing.

I just love his young imagination. Thought I'd share so you could enjoy too!

I guess all the TV watching and video gaming is paying off:)