Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm excited for the upcoming holidays. We are going to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving at my house with family coming here. This would be the first time ever this has happened. I have spent a couple of Thanksgivings home before and I have also done the whole spread before, which I love cooking for Thanksgiving, but family has never come to my house for the holidays. One of my in-laws last visits, we had a mini-Thanksgiving meal, because I love cooking it so much--it was no where close to autumn.

I'm excited about Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Funny Bobo

My children have recently all been kind of bad about not using soap when they bathe lately. It's like if they get wet--they have magically been clean. So as Bobo got into his bath tonight, I holler back at him, "Make sure to rub soap all over your body!" Then seconds later I hear him singing--I'm rubbing my peanut, I'm rubbing my peanut. (You probably can guess what he calls his peanut.) It was hard not to burst out laughing.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beginning to Read

Bobo started reading this past week. He read his first book, containing 8 pages with few words. We are so proud of him. He read his second little 8 page book the next day. This was just enough to spark my love for home schooling all over again.

I started recently trying to decide what was best for my kids in the upcoming year. I'm guessing I'm in nursing school and I know I'll be extremely busy. I never wanted to be the parent that was so blind sided by one opinion, that I wouldn't be open to other options. I know many parents that would never even debate the idea of public school or home schooling for their kids.

I know soon after I started home schooling I got a big head about it and about how I was doing so much better than the public school system. I almost jumped on that "I'd Never Send My Kid to Public School" band wagon. I have also seen the opposite spectrum, which is, I hope I'm not ruining them. I realized I needed to figure out what was best for my kids and at one point it might be public school or private school, but right now we'll continue to home school.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not organized

I know I'm not organized. Everyone who has gotten to know me, knows this is a huge challenge for me. I'm trying to get the house in better working order before I start school. (I'm still waiting to find out if I'm in, but I'm thinking as if I am in.) Trying to get the garage together. Get the kids rooms more situated along with the school room and all my scrap book stuff. I wish I could just hire someone to come put it all together for me. I'm pretty good once everything has a place. I just stink at finding a place for things to belong.

The kids helped me make a bookshelf today for the room we are changing into the school room. Bobo had such a natural hand at the cordless drill and the hammer. I think he might work the hammer better than I do.

The missionaries helped by bringing my ginormous desk downstairs. Now I need to get it all rearranged again.