Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Day

Today has been quite productive.
I had been having some challenges getting into the swing of things with school. A friend of mine showed me the 1st Language Lessons she was using. I tried it with my kids and they have fallen in love with it. They are always asking to do more, they want to start school with it everyday, they want to do extra school on Saturday, just to do this curriculum. They asked if we had any other subjects in this and I happened to have the history by the same person hanging out on my bookshelf. So we started it also, they are loving that too.

They are studying ancient history now. They made cave paintings to go along with what they learned about archeology this week. They made game bags. They were supposed to be made out of animal print, since they used to be made out of animal skin, but we used the material we had hanging around the house. The girls sewed their own bags, a great projects for beginning seamstresses. The kids have had a blast talking about the things people used to eat and only one of my three kids thought they might try lizard stew.

We also learned about Halloween and decorated some things Halloween. We didn't get as many chores in today, but we got our whole spectrum of school and more. It was a fun day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pretty Sad

It is sad when you go to log into your blog and you aren't quite sure what the password is, let alone your own blog's address.

Maybe this is a hint that I should be hanging around here a little more and actually blogging.

Hopefully I'll get the hint and be back here---I found the blog and my password---so all is not lost here------yet!