Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Low on Blogging

The last few times I went to blog, nothing would come to my mind. Always when I was away from the computer something would come to mind, but never when I was in front of it.

Well, I got the go ahead to start working out again from the Dr. I also found out that what I thought was a cyst on my thumb is actually a tumor. Don't know much except it's a tumor.

I started walking the day after the Dr. gave me the go ahead and it actually looks like I walk faster than I run. Yes, you read that right. I walk faster than I run. So I think I am going to work at speeding my walk and possibly walk the 1/2 marathon. Now I need to start my training again like I really mean business.

Dad got a MRI for his hip. We are still just waiting to find out his results.

Finding a good pediatrician is hard. We took Bo-bo and Superstar in to Dr. for their annual check up. I was in the office for 3 1/2 hours. How miserable with 3 kids. Then the doctor did tests on Bo-Bo that I told him I wasn't concerned about. Bo-bo had a bit of the runs, but I wasn't concerned. The Dr. drew blood despite me saying I wasn't worried about the runs. He's two, probably teething and it had just started. So that's probably another test that I have to pay for.

Fashionista got 3 shots---poor girl, plus a TB test. She is still hurting today from it all. To top that all off, they didn't even give me her updated shot record that I need to turn in for homeschool. So frustrated! The doctor was nice, very old, but just not right. So now I am on another search for a pediatrician.

Friday, September 14, 2007

You are at the right place!

Hey, I decided to change the feel of the blog a little as I am learning more and more about it all. Hope you like! Sign up to get automatic reminders when I update the post on the right.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Playing in Poop!

Oh today was a trial. Warning---if you are queasy----this might be too much for you!

The girls didn't want to do their work with as much zeal as they have had on other days. I think the nice weather was just tempting them to go outside. I woke up not feeling great---so that doesn't set the tone well for the day. Bo-bo had been playing outside in some mud while the girls finished their work. So I clean him up enough for lunch then pop in the tub while I grab a quick bite. By the time I finished I hear Bo-bo fussing in the bathroom---I assumed it was because I had his towel downstairs.


I open the door and the whole bathroom is covered with poop and toothpaste. What a disgusting smell. Minty Poop! The tub, the entire carpet area, the tile area, the toilet, the linen closet door, the door, the wall---all with a smell that makes you want to faint and puke at the same time.

Okay, I know I might have gotten a little graphic for some. Well, we had company coming over in a couple hours and I still had to clean up the kitchen and pick up downstairs! And I was worried that the smell would not leave. (I think it finally left after I steam cleaned the floor.)

I have no clue what is up with the poop smearing, but he is slowly getting out of this stage. I can not wait until it is all gone. This is one of the areas he regressed to with the move. He was almost all out of this stage before we left Albany. Then he went back to doing it every day after we moved. He hadn't done it in over a week, until today.

Okay, I had to vent. It's so disgusting. This is one area of parenthood I did not think of before having kids. There is a bit of a funny side to all the poop though. While Cullen and I were dating I worked as a CNA in a nursing home and worked on an Alzheimer's wing. So there was actually a poop smearer on that wing, and just the nature of the job---poop was involved. So poor Cullen had to listen to all my disgusting Poop stories from work. Now we have come around full circle again---I still have to tell him about my disgusting poop stories from my day.

Barefoot in the Woods

Yes! There is a little patch of woods next to us and yesterday the girls came back from their walk in the woods barefoot! I was so upset.

Where are your shoes?

We lost them?

How did you lose your shoes?

Superstar had stepped in a little stream, or path from our recent rain water that came up to her knee and when she lifted her leg to take another step, her shoe was left behind. So she decided to leave her other shoe next to the water and since Superstar was going shoeless, Fashionista took off her shoes and left them there too.

In the end, Superstar finally found her shoes and they both came back with shoes.

The girls have been loving running through the woods and playing out there. Of course I want them to on one hand, but I still have a bit of paranoia in me too. Worry about snakes and them hurting themselves and of course this patch of woods is next to our neighborhood, so I worry about someone else being out there too. (yes, Moms just worry.) I was thinking about getting walkie talkies for them to take with them so I could holler at them through the walkie talkie, but if they can't keep up with their shoes while they are out there, I don't know how great that would work.

I found the neatest website to go along with their nature findings:

They have come back and identified a salamander they found out there. I am going to continue with them and hopefully we will learn some trees and birds too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bowling Advice

Well, today was our bowling day again. The longest day of bowling ever! Two games took just right over two hours. All three children bowled. Bo-Bo and Fashionista bowled with bumpers. Superstar wasn't allowed to have bumpers(bowling alley rules), but her second game was quite awesome. She bowled an 89. Now a lot of that was from setting the ball down and pushing it just so. She actually got 3 strikes and 2 spares that were all pins (she wanted them to be strikes so bad!) a few frames with nothing and a couple pins here and there. Well, she wants to work at getting better at her game and I am the last person to give anyone bowling advice. (89 is an awesome score for me, I rarely ever break 100). So if anyone would like to pass along some advice---she would love it.

Remember today is September 11th.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quitting Time

I guess this was the quitting week. Bo-Bo has quit potty training. Mostly because from the afternoon on he didn't make many of his trips all the way to the potty. Which turns out to make lots of messes and with home schooling I just couldn't commit myself both ways. So back to my philosophy on potty training that both the Mom and the kid have to be ready. Bo-Bo might be ready, but after two weeks of cleaning tons of messes, I wasn't ready to continue. He will have to wait for another time.

Yes, unfortunately there is something else that has been put on the back burner. I was running (run/walking) pretty religiously, well I hurt my hip mighty bad on Thursday. I have been using ibuprofens and ice and rest. I know it takes time. While I am down and out I have been wondering if I am going to really be able to run this 1/2 marathon. So I am thinking maybe I will start my training with speed walking, which I know I really like, but I would have to step that up quite a bit too, seeing the race is still December 1st. I know power walking is much kinder on joints. I am at a loss. Any advice out there I would love to here.

Dad has also quit his free time, seeing he has picked up a second job. He has joined the ranks of Dominos.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Keeping a Caterpillar

The first two days of school have been going just fine, despite my worries.

We are moving slowly into the new year.

The first day of school the girls caught a caterpillar while they were outside. We are doing our best at keeping it alive---this is new for us. So if any of you know anything about keeping a caterpillar go ahead and leave a comment. (By the way any of you can leave a comment if you want.)

The girls went to bowl with the home schooling group on their first day. They had a blast!

Today they had a park day with other home schoolers.

I found the love of home schooling again today while the girls were doing their work, relaxed and eating their fruit. Enjoying the day while they were doing their work. Thought I would share.

Monday, September 3, 2007

School Starting Too Soon!

I know it's time for school to "start", the kids have been doing things through the summer. On to what I am getting at, is I have not had a lot of time here to devote to "getting ready" for this new year. I feel a little crazed. I am sure things will go fine, but I am definitely jumping in this year a little less like I had hoped too. I guess that would be no different than life---things constantly happening differently than I see them happening.

I'm sure moving cross a few states recently didn't have anything with it. Just needed to get this out. Or just opening the boxes with school stuff in them just a couple days ago then avoiding them since.

Just wanted to share the craziness of the beginning of our year!

I'm sure you'll hear some better responses here about the home school in the future.

Okay, in public school the kids don't do everything in their first week of school. This will come along.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Five Miles (UGH!!!!)

Well, Saturday was the day for my "long" run. This week was five miles, I did it in 79 minutes. Yes, my mile per minutes were just a wee bit slower, but it's coming along slowly. Now it's time to up my training so I can get a bit better. I was hurting pretty bad after the run,(yes I know I am getting old) but I am doing much better today. December 1st is the big date for the 1/2 marathon!

(You should be able to click on the pictures to see a bigger picture!)

Friday we went to the sprinkler park again. Dad had the day off from work, since he has to go to DC for the week for work. (waaa! I want somebody to send me away to a "Mommy convention" for a week, I don't even think I would care where they sent me!)

The kids had a blast! I love the park there, but it is a bit of a drive away. I am interested in finding some things that are a little closer.

Tuesday the kids start school. No, I am not all the way ready--I think I have unboxed everything school oriented. The "extra" room with all the stuff, is pretty much piled with all the stuff. So you can guess that tonight and tomorrow are crunch time for getting the school in order.

I found a great new idea for scripture memorization and thought I would try to share it.