Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was accepted into nursing school in Nov 2009. I'm in a nights and weekends program. So our household just got a little busier. I have been loving school. I have always loved school, I am really happy to be back again. It feels like something that was missing out of my life. I have to get back into the swing of studying and juggling home school along with nursing school, but it's coming along. Oh, everything about school, but writing papers. I still hate that!

This does mean that Cullen is almost finished with his Master's degree! He finishes this summer!
Did I mention our household was quite busy? I'm seriously thinking about hiring someone to clean my house.

Cullen has taken over taking the girls to all of their evening activities. The girls are in cheer leading. 2nd child just made team in gymnastics. Oldest is still doing horseback riding, but not as much in the winter and that's usually during the day. The girls also are taking an art class, in American Girl club and Bobo just signed up for a music class. I got tired just writing all of that.