Monday, March 31, 2008

Friends Visiting

This past week was a blast!!! A friend of mine that I met on our first tour in Okinawa (many moons ago--I think 12/13 years ago) was able to come down and visit with her kids. She faced the long drive with her and her 4 kids without husband, yes she is brave! We did miss getting to see her hubby too, maybe another time! We had a great time. We got to visit the zoo. We went to the Peabody and saw the ducks waddle out to the fountain to their little duck march. We went to our YMCA and just swam for a part of the day. We also went to the Pig N Whistle. We hung around and watched movies and of course talked.

Our kids got along great. 7 kids under one roof and not really any problems, unless you count my first child bugging my friend's son. My number one seemed to have a little bit of a crush going on. Here's how one of the conversations at the zoo went that Moms got to over hear.

girl---Hold my hand
girl---Hold my hand
girl---Hold my hand
girl tries to sneak up close to boy and try and sneak her hand close to his.

The Moms got a good laugh out of all this and I can say, it was really innocent, but I am afraid of what the future might bring! Child number one is not shy or does not hold back a bit! We are not ready for this!

Oh yeah, I wish the picture of us together hadn't been taken looking up at us, I did not need help on the double chin at all!


We had a very simple Easter this year. We did all the egg hunt stuff Saturday night before Easter. The girls got to fill the Easter eggs, then I hid them in the living room and they found them. They all got sunglasses and whatever candy or change they found in their eggs. We also colored a few eggs, everyone had fun doing that.

Remember you can see the pictures bigger by clicking on them!

Easter morning we all went to church together in our Easter clothes. This was the first year in awhile that I didn't make Easter dresses. But when your thumb can't hold a pair of scissors there's not much you can do! Tori sang a solo in church, Beautiful Savior, and it was beautiful. It was great to have the family together.

More Updates

Mimi and Papa where able to come for a few days right before Easter. We tried the Pig "N" Whistle, a local BBQ diner. We loved it!!! We had really great time. We also got to go to the Memphis Zoo. They had to leave right before Easter, but we still had a great time!

Keeping Up With the J's, but the J's Can't Keep Up!

Okay! It has been a grand long time since I have been on here. A lot of things have happened. I need to change the title of our blog, seeing you really can't keep up with us when I don't update a thing!

First of all SNOW!!!!

Yes, we actually got snow sometime in March! My children had been asking for awhile how does snow feel? Asking questions about snow, since they had never seen it before. We had a pretty good snow. We got to do the traditional snow things---snowman, snowball fight and snow angels.

Friday, March 7, 2008


First lesson learned for the party was that preparing stuff for a party without a right thumb is tricky! (frosting cake--making cake--wrapping presents all extremely challenging.)

Second lesson learned was that sometimes products are sold at the dollar store for a reason. Yes, we opened the banner and we got a great HAPPY BIRTHDAA. Now I got a little concerned, because I had bought the gift bags that matched. So my mind started thinking of all the things that could be wrong with the bags. Bags without openings. Bags with openings on both sides, to put your hand through. Fortunately, is was only a spelling error, the company made the bags just fine.

It was a costume theme. Birthday girl dressed up as Hannah Montana, her sister Hermione, Bo-bo had his blanket with him, so we let him pass as Linus. Kids got to play lots of games, air hockey (table the wonderful neighbors gave us!), playing on their bed with webkinz and building blocks were both popular past times after the games, presents and cake.

Dance Till You Drop


Kid 2 had a birthday party---7 years old. It's happening so fast. She had a birthday party/sleepover. We did a lot of dancing games, seeing she just loves music and dancing. Pictures of kids dancing are always great!