Saturday, December 27, 2008

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1. I went to go see Twilight again, yep, I just can't say no to a girls night out. I have to correct my earlier post. It was the actual movie theater that had problems with the sound and color on the picture. That would explain my constant desire to tweak the color and frustration with the sound.

2. Hubby posted our old apartment in Okinawa. Loved it there. He forgot to put in another reason we moved, was because it was more expensive to live downtown too! It was nice having the ability to go snorkling at the bottom of your steps. The snorkling was gorgeous there. We enjoyed many things about living there.

3. I also got a great pic of Hubby playing Guitar Hero World Tour. The girls and I aren't so great at some of the new instruments, but we'll get there. We have also really enjoyed the American Idol Encore (it's my new favorite!). We had a great Christmas overall. Enjoyed the day with the family, then an impromptu dinner with friends, which was wonderful!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bad Dejavu

We had a great day overall. We all enjoyed our new toys, we also got to enjoy some great time with some friends. (Thanks for having us over!) We are also very excited about watching the Dr. Who Christmas episode tomorrow!

Of course the day couldn't go on without any problems. I was on the phone with my friend and heard Hubby fall down the stairs. Yes, this is the dejavu. He just had back surgery on Friday. He did this after his last surgery too, as I have linked above. This time he fell from the top of the stairs all the way down. He hurt his ankle again, but so far his knees are okay. He also hurt his back, which was still in pain. Please pray for him to have a speedy recovery his back surgery and from this added pain! Thank you!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


After Elastic and Jennifer posted about music, it made me really realize that my music listening skills had gone down the toilet. All I really ever heard was radio Disney, which is fine in small doses. When it's your entire music repertoire and your not a preteen, it's not a happy place. So I had some suggestions. I turned back on my Serius Radio in the truck. I started turning on Pandora Radio, which has been so awesome. You type in an artist you like and they just play music that goes along with that style. You then vote on the songs and they continue to cater to your tastes. I know I'm behind the times, most of you know of this.

Unfortunately there will be songs that weren't meant to be amazing, their only purpose is to stick in your head and torture you. (Disney radio has quite a few of them.) Somehow they know when you are going be in you vehicle and turn the station on, because they are waiting there to haunt you. The song I have had recently got stuck in my head is, The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like". What an inspiring song to sing around your kids!

I have found much better music than the above. I've had fun listening to some great songs from my younger years too! Thanks to all who inspired me to get outside of the Disney Radio all day every day mode.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Surgery Day!

Started quite early in the morning to be able to get to the surgery center on time. Of course I did not have much sleep. We get there and begin the hurry up and wait game. It didn't take them long to get him back for the prep stuff.

I had been concerned about how the wait in the waiting room was going to be. You never know who is going to be there. Last time the room had been filled with older people just talking about how good things were back in the day, they were actually quite entertaining. This time just a couple of quiet people keeping to themselves. The TV had some kind of awful problem. About every 10-15 seconds it freaked out and flipped over to a static channel for a split second and made a weird noise. It was definitely something that got your nerves. They finally turned off the sound after a couple of hours. I dozed off a few times, because I was so exhausted.

The most entertaining thing that happened was someone just walked in from the street and stated quite loudly, "Praise Bob Barker! Praise the Price is Right! Praise Bob Barker! Bob Barker! Price is Right!" Then he just turned around and walked out of the center.

I got kind of concerned, because Hubby took so long, but all is fine. They got me back to the recovery area. After a little while there, Hubby is about ready to leave I tell Hubby, "You know how you get kind of sick feeling when you haven't slept or eaten well." Then a waive of nausea hit me and I had three or four nurses around me guiding me to sit down, putting wet rags on me, fanning me with their charts. A nurse guided me outside and felt better soon after. So I delayed us leaving little longer.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Plans Changing

Hubby just found out that he has to repeat the surgery on his back. The bulging disc, or what was bulging through his discs (I can't ever describe it right) has returned. So they have to go scrape that back off his spine so it stops bothering his nerves. He just found out that this reoccurs in about 7% of people who have that surgery. He has the surgery tomorrow, Friday.
Merry Christmas to us!

One nice aspect is we will just be hanging around this whole time chilling out at home!

Poor Hubby won't be able to go to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, play with Christmas toys or help get ready for Christmas (oh, he might find that last one a bit of a blessing too!). He will get the opportunity to watch plenty of Christmas movies though.

Please keep him in your prayers!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Falling in Love with the Orpheum

The girls and I were able to go see the Nutcracker at one of the local theatres, The Orpheum. We all loved the performance, but we also just adored the theatre. I can't wait to go back and see some different performances there.


My kids are always drawing and writing different things, parts of stories and just anything on pieces of paper that they find. I came across this paper the other day. I've always been curious if my children will have a strong sense of self esteem, I always hope they will. After finding this I might have to work a bit more on reminding my kids about humility.

TOP 5 REASONS TO LOVE CHILD #1 (names have been changed to protect...)

1. She is very pretty.

2. She's a fox.

3. She's very smart.

4. She's making a movie.

5. She's the nicest girl in the world.

It still cracks me up to read it. I just wonder what was going through her head as to why she needed this list?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not Thrilled

Yesterday, I actually made it to the movies and finally saw Twilight.

The main feeling I had leaving the movie was---I am old! I know this was geared toward the teenage girl--I was not the target audience.

I waited this long to avoid the Emo crowd as much as I could, I did succeed at that. Only 7 people in the theatre, an older couple, a Mom and her two younger kids and me and a friend. I do love watching movies in a theatre when I'm practically the only person there.

To start off I wasn't thrilled with the theatre. I'm still checking out all the theatres around here and chose one I hadn't been to before. It was really stinky in the theatre I was in. I was so glad I had some jelly belly like jelly beans to help keep the smell down. I had wished I had bought popcorn just to be able to put my nose in the bucket. The sound was awful, they must have been having problems with their speakers, the sound kept going in and out.

I wasn't thrilled with the coloring in the movie. I'm not quite sure what the effect is called, but it didn't draw me in at all, I kept wanting to adjust it. I did enjoy the scenes much better during the end credits, when everything was in black & white. Some of the instrumental background parts of the movie just didn't fit at all, it felt like someone was just plunking around with a keyboard, instead of setting the mood for the scene. I wasn't thrilled with casting or with the acting or the script. A good portion of the movie I felt like I flipped on an after school special (yes, again showing my age--I don't think they have those anymore). All of this and I didn't hate it. I'll watch it again when it comes out to video and probably go see the sequel.

I did enjoy your review Jennifer!

I did laugh harder at this spoof trailer Elastic posted, even after seeing the movie.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Week

Sunday most of us were feeling pretty blah, oldest had a real icky belly.

Monday we were feeling worse. It was my birthday and I guess Bobo really wanted to give me a present, he ended up giving me everything he could (out of his stomach that is!). And just one present wouldn't do.

Tuesday Hubby took a sick day and stayed in bed. The rest of us weren't feeling great.

Wednesday Hubby home sick again, we think we are on the mend. Went to get some errands done, because we have all been sick since we got home from vacation, we really needed some groceries and such. Came home and middle child decided to start sharing from the bottom of her belly.

She was sick all through the night, just about on the hour, every hour till four a.m.

Thursday, we are tired and still mending. Middle child didn't move all day. It took a lot for me to get her to drink two tiny cups of Sprite through the entire day.

Friday, I think we have finally beat this stuff! Middle child not feeling great yet, but has moved and eaten already today. On the last parts of mending up, hoping I am not speaking too soon, because I am really sick of sickness.