Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very, very funny!

I know I should have never stated in a blog that I was starting to get things together, because I haven't blogged much since then. I recently started watching another 3 yr old boy. So I am relearning how to balance my homeschooling, all the places we have to go and do and keeping the 3 year olds entertained. I am still making bread (yeah!!!), but I haven't balanced the blogging back in very well yet.

I had to share the following. I found Elastic's blog awhile back and have loved every post she has, she cracks me up all the time, but you have to go and check out the Twilight Trailer Spoof. Click here to enjoy the laughter!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good & Scary Sounds


Bobo and I were talking about Daddy going to work. Then Bobo told me how he liked his job. I asked him what his job was, he said, "Pwaying with toys and fighting aliens." I just thought it was too cute and I guess overall he is a happy kid.


The kids and I were downstairs reading and all of a sudden we heard Dad lose his footing and fall down the stairs. It was one of the scariest sounds I have heard in awhile. Dad seems like he is okay, just hurt his knee and ankle some. Just awful so soon after his back surgery.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Some Order Back

I know in my life there are moments that things seem to be going okay and there seems like there is some order to things, but most of the time it seems so out of control that I feel like I am just barely hanging on for the ride.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and had mentioned I was making bread. And I realized while I was talking to her that usually when I start making bread things start to fall into place better in the home. It does not make logical sense, seeing making bread takes more time than grabbing loaves off the shelf and throwing them in the cart and putting extras into the freezer so you always have some. (I was very tempted at Sam's Club yesterday just to grab a few loaves.) My bread machine even died out recently, so I am putting more time than what I am used to putting.

Here's hoping that I continue to get more order in the house, because it's really needed!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hubby Much Faster Than I

Okay, since I forgot that my husband updates much faster than I, here is a better link.

Click on me!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yep, I'm cheating today. Hubby is much better about getting around to blogging than I am, so yep, today I'm just linking over to him.

Just click here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Impulsive Images

I used to rarely have a camera on me, but thanks to technology on phones, I do now--even though I still seem to forget that I do have one on me most of the time.

Thought I'd share!

This week was my first time to TCBY. A friend of mine told me of the goodness there. I had some buy one get ones and decided to try them out as a special treat. Yummy, so we swung back by again tonight after gymnastics for the 99cent waffle cone. Kids enjoyed.

Finding out that Bobo's favorite holiday is Halloween, he loves everything Halloween and wants everything Halloween.

Kids had snowball cupcake things for the first time ever. Bobo didn't want to touch his when he ate, very funny!

Oldest's 1st swim meet. She was awesome, gave it her all!

Isn't sad that this makes me happy! I actually passed a $3.09 today, but couldn't get a pic.
I mean, this price used to make me frustrated.

Cool car we saw sitting in McD's parking lot.

Girls sporting their Dollar Store hats!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I know you're thinking I'm a slacker, I can hear it through the keyboard!

I have been torn about what to blog about, I am trying to keep people updated, but do people really want to know? We had a week (well days, it feels like it was a week) of bodily fluids flying every direction. I found out the splatter zone for a child upchucking by only lifting her head over the top bunk down, and of course onto the floor that was covered with all the things they hadn't picked up over the last few days. I had to clean it myself taking many personal trips to the bathroom, because I was the first one to come down with the nastiness. All through the night all the girls & I running to & from the bathroom or using their special, large bowls lying nearby.

This wasn't a fast running bug, it took a couple days to run it's course and of course Bobo was jumping and full of life. Literally jumping over our pitiful bodies at one point. Hubby can't help, because Hubby can't bend, lift, twist, drive, he is supposed to just be healing. (After a month he's allowed to start lifting over 5 pounds, 2 weeks until he can drive.)

Thankfully a dear friend brought us Sprite, ginger ale and popsicles or I don't think we would have had any intake that day.

One of these moments of Bobo's jumping up around, full of life, outside playing with the dog, he and the dog came in covered head to toe with what I thought was dirt. Well, no, he had found a partially used bag of quick cement outside (yes, with the warning label, keep away from children, don't get on your skin--can burn, don't inhale, yep all of that). Everything turned out okay from that, or at least that's what we are telling ourselves. (soon when the pipes are all clogged up, because they are filled with cement, from bathing him!, we'll be singing a different tune.)

Oh yeah, and I forgot that he also some how took a dump in a towel, all through the towel, I guess he was having flashbacks of his poop smearing days. Oh, how happy I am and glad those days are over and he was able to confine the dump to a towel. I still can make no sense of it.

We have finally made it through the nastiness, then through the clean-up mode, now working on finishing catching up, getting back to the swing of things. (Well, I always feel like I'm playing catch up and trying to get with the swing of things--so maybe things are more back to normal than I would like to admit.)

Until next time, well, if there is a next time---after all the nasty talk, not sure if you'll come back!