Thursday, August 30, 2007

Check out videos

I know I said I would post my boxes each day, then suddenly no counts.
Here's the week so far
Sunday - 0
Monday - 0
Tuesday - 12
Wed - 0
Thurs - 4 (so far)

I will not have a garage to put a vehicle in for a long time at this rate.

Fascination with O.

Bo-Bo has a fascination with circles, but to him they are all O's. His favorite O right now seems to be a rubber band.

Here is my try at some videos. I would like to know if this worked for those who have dial up, or if you had to go to a place that had high speed to watch. Sorry about the side views---I guess you just have to turn your head to the side a bit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Things Are Coming Along

I got through quite a few boxes yesterday. I work best with motivation. My motivation is I haven't found all the kids school stuff. So I am still on the search. The next part will be getting that all together---oh yeah, and I am starting to feel like I am running low on time.

Today I hasn't been as great with the boxes.

This is going to be just a quick note.

I went to a great home school Mom's dinner last night. Met a lot of great women. Had a great time. Very excited about things that will be going on in the area with that group. Glad not to feel so alone here too.

Bo-Bo is slowly improving on the potty training. He is dying to go to Starfall right now--he is crawling over me, trying to get me to get off. (as I said this will be quick).

The girls have been playing together better than ever. Shockingly Superstar has been playing Polly Pockets the last two days---and I don't think that girl has really ever played with a doll before.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just another day!

Enjoy the older pictures.

I did my 4 miles today! Woohoo, it's done. I was quite slow---61 minutes, oh well there is definitely room for improvement.

Bo-Bo's potty training is coming along alright. Today I think there were more times on the floor than the toilet--or at least it seemed like it. Hopefully that improves again in the next few days.

Superstar has a great fascination with doing dishes lately. She told me she could do dishes every day for the rest of her life. (I told her--that might actually happen). We don't have a dishwasher, so she is doing them all by hand.

Fashionista went to a birthday party today and this is a weird thing about her---she likes to try on other people's shoes. So one of the first thing she told me about the party is that her friend had the same size feet. I of course asked if she tried on the shoes, she said yes, she had cute shoes. (By the way, this habit of hers drives me crazy.)

You know if clothes were as easy to get on and off, I'm sure she would be in the closet making a whole outfit.

Boxes unpacked yesterday -- 1
Boxes unpacked today -- 0 (yes, I know I will never get unpacked at this rate.)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

When Mom is Down and Out

I woke up this morning with the goal to go do my run. I am in training for doing a 1/2 marathon in December. Well, I didn't feel great when I woke up, which is kind of normal. I usually want to stay in bed for at least another hour. I recently started waking up between 4:45 and 5:00 and I am not used to it. Well, I usually do 2-3 miles in the morning during the week. This morning I didn't make a mile, that was a slow walk and no running. I came home and have felt worse since. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Any energy I had went to the kids, seeing that the kids still needed to be tended to and Bo-Bo did pretty good for his 2nd day of potty training. Just a couple of accidents. Well, these are the kind of things that happen when Mom isn't doing well.

Fashionista helping Bo-Bo put on his underpants.

Superstar doing the dishes after making pancakes from scratch for everyone, by her request. (If you look real hard you can see the pancakes in the back.)

I decided to add a daily count of boxes unpacked---today 0 boxes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Life Here So Far

We are here and slowly getting used to the place. I figured I would give blogging a try to keep everyone updated. We have taught the kids about Internet Safety. Instead of using our own names we all have our nick names for online. The nick names go down in order of age of the family and should be pretty obvious to those of you that know us. Starting with Dad (very creative), Gabbi (has been known to talk and talk and talk), Superstar (enjoys any stage), Fashionista (fashion is very important---actually last time we were at Sears I was trying on some shoes and she said, "I wouldn't wear those in public" and finally Bo-Bo (given the nick name by a friend, then after viewing a few Diego shows with the Bo-Bo brothers it fits him perfectly.)

Here is our 3rd Sunday here. No, Fashionista isn't so upset because of her hair---She actually loved having hair curlier than Superstar's.

After church our awesome neighbor took all of us with turns on his trike around the neighborhood. He made this trike by putting together part of a Volkswagen and motorcycle. We have been very lucky with great neighbors here. Dad and I even took a ride. It was quite fun.

Okay, there are so many little problems with this house, I couldn't pass up sharing some of them. You can see part of the kitchen floors here---yes I will share more on my ugly kitchen floors, but you can see the two levels of peel and stick here. Bo-Bo has wanted to be a puppy dog. Many times around the house he is all fours and going around the house panting. He has even tried to eat and drink like a dog.

Well, here are the blinds in the living room. I went to start cleaning them, yes---they were that dirty. As I started cleaning them, first I realized they needed to hit a tub, because I really thought they were beige, not white blinds when I first started cleaning. Then I realized the place were you put the stick to open and close the blinds was broken, so it became pointless--we need new blinds.

Are those Big Boy Pants? (I have corrected myself many times today---boys do not wear panties). Yes, today out of the blue Bo-Bo started asking about going potty. He went 4 times this morning without being prompted or too much praise. Then I figured it's time--he is ready. (Nobody asked me--I'm not ready!!!!) So off to Wally World we go to buy the essentials---I know I have some big boy pants somewhere in some box---oh well, it's fun for them to pick out their first packs. We had to get a stool so he could get to the potty and treats. Well, he did pretty good all day long. A few times he started, then ran to the potty. He got to the bathroom once for a poop and another was close, then about 3 more times he got the poop on the potty.

I think some of his success could be that if the girls helped him to the potty I would treat them too. So through the whole day the girls were asking him if he had to go. He had to tell them "NO!" plenty of times.