Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Musical Insomnia

Wide awake again, with the inability to my music is shuffling around, I realized that a ton of Prince kept coming up--and mostly from Purple Rain. First thought was of all my Prince fanatic friends. Then I remembered I got the Purple Rain soundtrack from my parents with my Walkman for my 10th birthday back in 1984. Yes, Purple Rain, the album that had songs that a 10 year old really shouldn't be listening to, such as "Darling Nikki" (if you don't know--YouTube it). I think parental advisory stickers came out soon after that.

I loved that cassette and my walkman and probably still know every word to that album. (I didn't have the ability to copy the radio songs to cassette to increase my variety of music for at least a few more months.) This all brought me to think of my daughter, who just turned 10 yesterday, who also enjoys music that is inappropriate for a 10 year old. I do my best to censor what she listens to, but then remember that even with a song as explicit as "Darling Nikki", I still didn't really have much of a clue of what I was singing along to. It's a fine line I know, because I'm sure she is probably less oblivious than I was at at that age. And on that note, I found out tonight that the 10 year old is who told her older sister about the "F" word. I think it's pretty good they got to this age without really knowing it, and also kind of cracks me up that my middle child had to inform the older child. Doesn't it usually happen the other way?

I'll continue to do what I feel is best, hopefully I get close enough to doing a good enough job.

And the first cassette I bought with my own money was The Eurythmics---Be Yourself Tonight! Loved that one too!!! Which was just a beginning of a journey of music, many, many mixed tapes. I received a record player a few years later. Then I started to search the local record stores finding great albums. Well, maybe the music wasn't all great, but I loved it then!