Friday, August 29, 2008

Surprised J-Mom

Well, I had some great news yesterday. I found out yesterday at a swim team meeting that swim practices can be only 2-3 times a week, instead of the 4 I thought we were supposed to be working up to. WOOHOO!

We also got the schedule for the upcoming swim meets. Well, there were a few that fell on Sunday and the final championship also fell on Sunday. We unfortunately don't have a strong Sunday rule in our house hold. Mom and Dad have different belief systems and keeping the Sabath Day Holy is something that we don't see eye to eye on. So I have not pushed it at all, it's not worth a fight between us. We try not to do extra things on the Sabath, but if Dad really wants to do something, I'm not going to throw a fit about it, we usually do it. I feel the family together time is better than a fight about the Sabath. (Dad doesn't usually ask to do much on Sunday, he does respect how I feel about it.)

So my first thought when I saw the schedule was that the oldest might miss some church and I was hoping it wasn't going to be the children's program that we missed, but I would find some way to work it all out.

Oldest saw the swim meet schedule and she just stated straight out, "Well, I can't do those on Sunday." I was a little suprised, since we don't have a stead fast rule about the Sabath in our house. I questioned her, "Are you sure? You'll miss the Championship Meet, it's on a Sunday." (It's on Super Bowl Sunday, so there will be others with conflicts on that day.) She said she didn't care, she wasn't going to do the swim meets on Sunday, it wasn't right. Okay, I'm a little shocked, but not sure how strongly she felt about her conviction. She has loved being part of the swim team and she has been wanting to compete and just found out she would be able to compete, so I piped in, "You might not be able to stay on the swim team, if you aren't going to the meets." She returned to me, "Is the swim team more important or following God's rules? Keeping the Sabath Day holy is a commandment." Okay, she does feel strongly about this and she got to teach Mom a few lessons in the process.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newsflash----well an update at least!

Dad's back "surgery" went fine. It was a spinal block, they call it surgery, I guess because they are sticking a needle in the spine with cortisone, but he is doing okay. He would be doing a little better if he wasn't putting together the new computer that came in today. Oh, well, hopefully this works well. Oldest child went with me and I taught her to text, so we texted back and forth sitting right next to each other. We played with the camera on our phones (mine & dad's phone) and we wrote letters and she finished her math book. (she is excited about that!!--I don't think she realizes I have the next one ready to go for her!) Yes, we waited a long time for him to get that needle stuck in his back. (Thank you Julie for watching my other children.)

Oldest started swim team through our local YMCA. The price was awesome, it is $20 a month. The downside is practice is 4 nights a week! (Yes, because we weren't busy enough before this.) She is getting pretty good and she really loves going to practice.

Middle child started gymnastics. She chose to start gymnastics before the Olympics started. Her first practice was right around the beginning of the Olympics. I wish I had been able to take a picture of her face when we first walked in the gym, her face just glowed and her eyes were beaming when she saw the bars, and beams, and all the other gymnasts working. (of course the first thing J-Mom sees is all the cast boots, wrapped ankles, & other injuries, I'm thinking this might not be the best idea, she could really get hurt.) She has loved every minute of it. She is already trying to figure out how to get on to pre-team, she has only had 3 practices. The first thing out of her mouth after her hour there, is can I stay and do some more?

Bobo will start Speech Therapy this next Friday. I found a place that was about $70 a session and insurance will pay 65%. It's better than other options. I'm really hoping this will help a good bit, I can't wait until I can understand him more.

J-Mom is extremely excited!!!! I FINALLY FOUND A WII FIT!!!! Every time I had gone into a store and asked for it, I was always told, "I'm sorry, we just sold our last one." I was certain I wasn't supposed to have one. I have had so much fun with it! I can't wait to play with it some more. My kids have wanted to play too, so I had to take turns.

Other J-Mom news, I started Pampered Chef. I signed up on Monday. I'm kind of excited about where I can actually go with the business this time. Yes, this time. This will be the forth time I have signed up with Pampered Chef, all the other times it has been because I wanted lots of Pampered Chef stuff and I wanted to fill my house with it and earning it was the best way to get it. This time I actually need to get some $ so we can do some extra stuff like visit friends. By the way, I will come and visit y'all if you do a show:) Hopefully I can change the way I look at doing Pampered Chef and break my old habits of just doing it at the most minimal.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bobo's Speech Evaluation

First an update on the potty training. He is doing quite well. Today I did pull-up at church, and of course he had an accident in it. The other accident he had was when we went to Target and I had forgotten to take him to the bathroom and he fell asleep in the cart and had an accident. Of course every BM is an accident. Enough with the potty talk!

Bobo had his speech evaluation this past Friday. Of course the weather was disastrous, after I got to the office (late of course) I heard there had been 12 accidents on the road. No wonder I hadn't been moving on the freeway. The power was out in the building when we arrive and they were wondering if I could reschedule or do it by flashlight. I chose to go ahead and try the evaluation. We found a room that wasn't too dark and the electricity came on about half way through.

Bobo had to name items that the therapist pulled out of a bag. This was used to see how well he could say his sounds. The next test, I can't remember the exact name, but it was testing his language knowledge. She would ask him things from a flip chart, like which one is a man out of a couple of pictures, and he would point to the man, or out of a group of symbols he had to pick out which one was a letter. She told me he got to the 7 year old age group with this, still not sure what that means, but Bobo is 3, so of course it makes a Mom feel good, even if it doesn't mean much. Last he had his vocabulary test, where he had to tell the names of things in a flip book. For example there were a variety of different animals on a page and the therapist would say, "All of these are....", and Bobo was supposed to say animals, and if he didn't then it was counted wrong.

Well he really needs speech therapy. I am going to call my insurance tomorrow and find out what they will cover. From what I understand is that they usually don't cover speech therapy, unless it is needed because of a stroke or an accident/head injury. The sessions where I went would be $300 a pop! OUCH!!!! He would qualify for state help, but I have my reservations about using the state and also it is a group setting, which we were suggested that if he did that, that he got one on one therapy too. They also told me of another speech place in town that charged $80-$140 a session, which is cheaper, but if insurance doesn't cover anything, I'm not sure what we'll be able to do.

Bobo doesn't make a lot of the consonant sounds he should be able to make, the therapist found it unusual that he could make a few like an R sound that aren't usually at this age. He drops off middle and ending of words too often and even sometimes the beginning of the word. She said that he seems like he is already starting to compensate for his speech delay, and not using a larger vocabulary. For example when a picture of a truck would come up, he would call it a car, possibly because it is easier for him to say car. I know he knows the word truck.

Well tomorrow we'll find out about the insurance & I'll update again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, as I am still getting around to blogging my vacation, Bobo gave me such a great reason to blog this evening. I finally decided to take the diaper away. I had been waiting until I was ready and I thought he was ready. Well, I made my mind up this morning.

He made it through the day without having an accident!!! (well, not a pee accident, number 2 is a different story.)

So here we go! Hopefully tomorrow is as good as today.

Blogging Personal Assistant

I know I have not been in the habit of blogging lately. I have had some great ideas through the day of things to blog, but then when I sit down to actually blog, I can't remember what it was that I had been thinking of blogging. Then of course life happens all around me and now I haven't blogged in forever!

I was thinking if I had a personal assistant, things might go a little more smoothly. My personal assistant could take notes through the day when I had my great blogging ideas, and all the other things I have the knack of forgetting. Maybe I'm going about this all wrong, I'm sure a hiring someone could help out in my life in so many different ways. Oh, well.

Hopefully this will get me back on track to actually blogging again!