Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Okay, so I haven't really started any in home spring cleaning. That will come probably once I finally turn on the AC.

I have had to deal with some pretty nasty parasitic evil. Of course the first is something we all have to deal with--SPAM! I know we all hate it. I kept on having people spam my comments here, so I had to change my commenting system. So I lost all my old comments, but hopefully I got rid of the problem.

The other thing I am in process of getting rid of is monkey grass from my yard. Monkey grass has pretty much taken over my yard, well not all of it, but it seems like it. I gave away enough today to fill the back of someone's full size truck bed and I still have more to dig out!!!

While digging the monkey grass out of my overgrown "garden" (term very loosely used), I found a tall stalk of something with leaves of three. I remember the saying "Leaves of three, let it be". I take a clipping of it inside and have Hubby search online while I hold it and TA-DAH, it's poison ivy. I found a ton of it. Yes, what everyone wants to find for their children to play in. Well, as I am digging and digging this stuff up, it's putting up a good fight--Bobo comes walking over in the pile of poison ivy with bare feet. We got him in the tub quickly. I have been hit all over my body with it trying to get it up. I haven't gotten it all up, that's my task tomorrow.

We looked online and found out that it takes 24-36 hours for your body to react to it. So I am really hoping we aren't going to react, because the next few days will be so much fun if all of us are broken out.

It's a mental game too. You know when someone is talking about sometime they have dealt with lice, you immediately feel your head itch--I know your are thinking of scratching your head right now. Well, as soon as you know you've been in poison ivy, your body starts itching all over.

It's been fun! Now I am off to clean out even more junk, my e-mail inbox. Can't seem to keep that cleaned out of a lot of junk. Hopefully I'll find a good e-mail in there while cleaning!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cancelled Trip

I know things work out for a reason. The last time I posted I really wasn't thinking I would have to cancel my trip, just maybe eat a few more PB&J's along the way. Well, as I was trying to figure out our finances, Hubby chimed in about some money I was expecting that won't be coming in. A whopping $1500. We had already agreed beforehand that I wasn't putting the trip on credit card. So with a slow start on savings a loss of $1500 that was going to the trip, I can't make it up this year. So we will stay local this year. That is unless the kids find gold while digging in the back yard or some other great finding in the next couple months.

There is a silver lining. We had already bought Hubby a plane ticket to go visit my sister while we were there. I am going to find out how to change a name on a ticket, I know it will probably cost an arm and a leg. Hubby already has that week off from work, so I will be going to Oregon for a week by myself! That is kind of exciting. I really haven't been on a vacation without Hubby or kids since I was married---not that I can think of. This will be my first solo trip in 14 years.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Trip

Well, I have been planning for a big trip this summer. I had planned to be able to save so much more for the trip. My goal is to put nothing on a credit card. I have found that our saving money skills kind of stink. I thought if I tracked it online and kept myself more accountable, maybe I would do a little better at saving here and there.

Well, I realized recently that I have saved enough for about 850 miles of the trip, that is if gas stays close to $4 a gallon during the summer. So I was kind of excited, but then I realized how long my trip is, it's 5850 miles. So now I have 5000 miles left to save/earn between now and toward the end of July. Plus food and hotel stays. If you have any great ideas to help out, please let me know.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More than Once a Month


I know you probably didn't expect to see anything so sudden after my recent blog. Unfortunately I got away from at least once a week and was getting closer to once a month.

Update on my thumb. It's slowly healing. The last visit with the doctor said that it would take up to 3-4 months to heal all the way. I can do much more with my thumb than I could before. I can do just about anything that doesn't call for direct contact with the inside of my thumb. Twisting a door handle is quite painful, I hadn't tried scissors in awhile, but I really want to--because I want to start sewing again.

The kids are doing pretty good. We head off to DC this Saturday---very excited!

Yesterday's funny. We were watching different you tubes of model volcanoes. Oldest child is making a volcano and we were researching. Well, one of the videos had the song I'm just a love machine, and I won't work for nobody but you as their background music. Well, as soon as we were done watching the explosion, Bo-bo chimes in singing "I'm just a poop machine".