Friday, November 11, 2011

Just for that activation

I realized that when I do go check out a few blogs, it still signs me in tied to this blog, so I guess I should use this every once and awhile still.

The 2 younger kids have been doing good in school. The Boy made the Principal's Honor roll and middle child almost made the honor roll, so her teacher told her--or she tells us. I'll buy it. She had a harder time with academics while homeschooling, I can't imagine it being easier when thrown into a public school system. But both of them are doing well overall. No behavior problems, which is wonderful.

I was tempted to take them out and start homeschooling at Christmas, but I think they will finish the entire year in school. This will give me two more solid trimesters finished at my school. Then I will decide whether they go back to public school or not.